Monday Morning Text Girl

I miss you

So much so that I didn’t

Answer your good morning text

The predictability of your message

Actually inspired a flare of resentment in me

I thought to myself,

As I laid awake in my bed 

In the middle of last night,

Quite unable to sleep

Consumed by this feeling of rejection

That has come from loving a man like you

And sharing my body when I knew better than to,

Causing me to wake abruptly in distress

Heart beating fast 

I thought…I know him,

He will text me today,

After having ignored my existence all weekend

Not pausing for my attention

For even one second on Saturday or Sunday

Busy no doubt with his friends

And possibly already with another woman

Compounded by the fact that he 

Hasn’t made time for me, 

not once in over a week,

But he will text me in the morning Monday,

No later than 10

To ask how I am feeling

As if he really gives two shits about my feelings

And I will be expected to reply, politely

Not at all allowed to answer truthfully

Keeping quiet the pain that I most definitely feel

When I think of the predictability

And the games played by a man 

Who I wish loved me

So today, I missed you

Even more so than I did on Saturday and Sunday

But I also miss being treated as I deserve

Today I cried and raged because I know my worth

Which stands to be more 

Than just your Monday Morning Text Girl.

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