I meant to Write…

I hoped to write about my pride

A Mother who thrives,

Made up of wins

And not a whisper of has-been

Working every day towards

Goals I’ve set forth

With a clear mind and strong resolve

Not a second wasted 

On wondering where I expect to land

Ten years time down in my plans

Looking at vacations

Love, sex, and accomplishments

That weren’t intended to be owned

By a single mother with no flavor

Breaking the mold

Owning the title of survivor

Wearing a crown like a queen 

Who transcended expectations

Of a girl who was once just a poor west sider

I meant to write about 

How good I look in the mirror 

When my makeup is done just right

Or how by breasts compliment the curves

Of my hips so nice

Bringing out rhymes that taste like lust

Turning to love when the mystery 

Of my smile is found in the seat of my soul

Which rests deeply in the light of my eyes

Sharing in my victories

Victorious in my day to day grind

I meant to forget that today I cried

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