He Smiled at Me through His Pain

It’s Valentine’s Day

My little boy made me a card

It was a picture of him and I 

With a T-Rex playing in an imaginary backyard

With a tree full of leaves at the top

Life is good when you’re six years old 

And still in love with your mom

I smiled for him

He’s my little sweetheart

But behind my smile I hid the tear

Of gratitude that comes with having 

At least one heart that holds me dear

I can’t put my finger on

What I’ve done so right

I’m lost as a single mom

And yet my son is growing up

To be a genuinely nice guy

Which helps open my eyes

To how I’ve been so focused on what I don’t have

That I’ve missed out on the love

Which flows to me with my every breath

For example 

I walked into work today

Thinking about life’s shackles

Unhappy that this day can serve as a reminder

That I’m alone, possibly forever

Shackled down by the weight of despair

Letting the lack of love keep me feeling

Like nobody cares

But the truth is I’m just flying solo 

Like Hans Solo

I’m a survivor 

And I actually do have people that love my fire

Which was evident in the rose 

I received when I walked into work

The energy drink that was bought for me

Pink cotton candy like 

A sweet gesture that showed he thinks of me

And the loving hug I got from another

Who smiled at me through his own pain

And I also got chicken wings paid for

It’s like this day is all fire

Which helps me feel inspired to smile

It all started with a heart card

and a T-Rex playing in the backyard

My Valentines all fire.

2 thoughts on “He Smiled at Me through His Pain

  1. That’s very nice! The chicken wings definitely gave it away! But don’t let life get you down. You are a great lady with a fun sense of humor. Everyone has days and weeks like that but it’s how you react to them that makes the difference!


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